What is the best bark collar for your dog?

There are many different types of anti-dog barking collars available in the market place.  We have electric or shock collars, as well as citronella spray collars.  You may also have seen collars that vibrate or emit an ultrasonic tone.  All have their place and can work for certain dogs under the right conditions.  Before you buy your dog a bark collar consider this:

Electric Bark Collars

All electric bark collars emit a static pulse when your dog barks.  Your dog will feel discomfort and hopefully stop barking.  Only buy reputable brands like SportDog, Dogtra or PetSafe and avoid potentially cheap brands which may potentially harm your dog.  If you have a working breed electric collars are best and often the only barking collar that will work for you.  Electric bark collars often receive a bad wrap by some groups.  However rest assured if you stick to reliable brands you can’t go wrong and they are physically harmless to your dog.  Another fallacy is that electric collars can burn your dog.  This is not true.

Citronella Bark Collars

Citronella Spray bark collars spray a harmless burst of citronella in the direction of your dogs snout when they bark.  In most cases they will find this unpleasant and stop barking.  They are more expensive to run as you need to buy citronella refills. Some dogs over time can build a resistance to the spray and then will bark through it.  They also become less effective in windy conditions.  If you have a pet breed of dog they have a good success rate and are a viable option.

Vibration Collars

These collars vibrate on your dogs neck when they bark.  They are best for timid dogs or young pups.  Most dogs of even temperament will bark through them over time.  Of all the bark collars out there they probably have the least success rate over time.

Ultrasonic Collars

Ultrasonic barking collars emit a silent tone that dogs find annoying and unpleasant.  However, be warned, not all dogs actually hear the tone and you may think the collar does not work.  Ultrasonic devices that are stationary are also available.  It is not recommended to use these collars or devices in a multi-dog situation as all dogs will get the correction whether barking or not.  This would be extremely unfair if your barking dog did not get the ultrasonic tone and your second dog that does not bark does!

In conclusion, we suggest sticking to electric or shock bark collars, especially if you have working breeds.  If you have a pet breed you can also consider citronella bark collars as an option.  For those with young pups, older dogs or dogs with a medical condition we suggest you talk to a dog bark collar expert before purchasing.  There are many reputable companies out there to get guidance if needed.